Ronan Plantec

IT consultant

Specialising in management, telecommunications and digital media > 20 years of experience

: +33 (0) 6723 98642

: OpenPGP public key [ASC file]

: 16, avenue de Bouvines, 75011, Paris, France

: French citizenship

: Driving license


ESIEE Paris in partnership with GOBELINS "l'école de l'image" (the school of the image)

October 2005 - December 2006

Graduate Engineer (<=> US, Master of Science, MSc)

Specialisation: digital media engineering, professional thesis on "Voice over IP" with viva

August 1991 - September 1994

Graduate Engineer (<=> US, Master of Science, MSc)

Specialisation: telecommunications

University degree (two years after high school)

Specialisation: computer science oriented management

Skill Set - Programming languages

Langage C
shell Unix

Skill Set - WAN

Frame Relay

Skill Set - LAN

Token Ring

Skill Set - Server/client Architectures

Netware (IPX/SPX)

Work Experience

Jul 2009 - Today

Software engineer

Software development and hotline

  • Invoices computer data exchange between the wholesale sea-fish merchant Valmarée and Carrefour using the B-Process company technology.
  • Computer data exchange between transporters and their customer Imbretex (an import-export company).
  • Support of 260 garages in Brittany with Sage accounting and Sage Cogestib I’Car invoicing and payment.
  • Development of accounting, payment (DADSU) and invoicing, stock management software.

Sep 2008 - Oct 2008

System administrator

Maintenance of the infrastructure

  • Third level support of printers in metropolitan France.
  • Virtualization using VMware.
  • Windows and Unix systems administration.

security engineer

Ensuring the security of 46 hospitals in Paris

  • Opening of VPN accesses to allow doctors to connect externally to applications in their hospital.
  • Management of the Web proxy cache.

Jun 2007 - Jul 2007

Network manager

Ensuring company network security

  • Migration from Frame Relay to MPLS with the dynamic routing protocol OSPF (LAN) and BGP4 (WAN).
  • Configuration of firewalls, routers and switches.

Alcatel-Lucent becoming Nokia

Jan 2007 - Feb 2007

Network manager

Ensuring of security of Alcatel-Lucent’s network in Belgium

  • Migration of the network Ethernet 10BASET to Ethernet 100BASET.
  • VoIP support.


May 2006 - Oct 2006

Internship as a multimedia project manager

Development of an e-commerce website

  • Development of an auction and reverse auction website to rent three and four-star hotel rooms in Paris for an American clientele, using Java/J2EE.
  • Development of the back-office website for the hotel owners.
  • Reverse Engineering to make the UML class diagram and the entity/relation plan of databases with Poseidon and a Poseidon plugin within Eclipse.

CVF becoming Orange Multimedia Business Services and Orange Business Services

Jan 2005 - Feb 2005

Network manager

Market survey of network monitoring platforms

  • Installation and testing of different network monitoring platforms.


Jul 2004 - Dec 2004

Network architect

Maintenance of the funinfo WAP portal (ex vizzavi)

  • Opening of data flows on two platforms of 300 network, system and security equipment.
  • Project management on several projects.

Cegetel becoming SFR

May 2003 - Nov 2003

Network manager

Maintenance of the call centre platform network for 0800 commercial numbers in France

  • Revision of the network architecture plan.
  • Installation of a backup robot with its software to daily save 40 miscellaneous clusters.
  • Project management on the network monitoring platform.

Mar 2000 - Aug 2002

security engineer

Implementation of security architecture for the Nantes site - Stock exchange department, 1200 employees

  • Implementation of the systems with their security products.
  • Operating Systems hardening.
  • Writing of specific technical documentation for operations.
  • Transfer of competence.

Apr 1999 - Oct 1999

R and D engineer

To approve the feasibility of the new commercial offer in high availability

  • Design and testing of the solution.

Eurhone becoming IBM

Apr 1998 - Mar 1999

Project manager

Second level LAN support

  • Evolution of network technologies.
  • Equipment network monitoring.
  • Management of three technicians (two to the network and one to the system).

Sep 1997 - Mar 1998

Telecommunications engineer

Second level support of WAN

  • Development of a software using the C language of the SNMP library of the Carnegie Mellon University to realise a dashboard based on the information sent by the SNMP agent from a Cisco 4000 router with its private MIB (IP Accounting) to monitor the national X.25 network (Rétipac) data flow traffic of the SNCF.
  • Network design before its migration from X.25 towards Frame Relay.

Sep 1996 - Aug 1997

Network manager

Responsibility for the company computer system

  • Conception and application of the intranet and Internet computer system.
  • Management of file servers (NTFS), Windows NT Server (DHCP,WINS, PDC, BDC), Web server, DNS, firewall, RMON probes.
  • Application of the computer system’s backup strategy.
  • Migration from Ethernet 10BASET (HUBs) to Ethernet 100BASET (switches).
  • Deployment of the network with routers and leased lines on four remote sites with static routing.
  • Conception and project management of the Internet access with two ISPs linked by a dynamic WAN routing protocol (BGP4).
  • Application of the international emailing system.
  • Management of three engineers (one for the backups, a second for the electronic emailing and a third for the network).

RCE becoming CS Telecom and now CS

Apr 1996 - Jul 1996

Software development engineer

Development of the dynamic LAN routing protocol RIPv2 in a high throughput X.25 (8 Mbps) switch encapsulating TCP/IP

  • Addition of the dynamic LAN routing protocol RIPv2 (RFC1058) in a high throughput X.25 switch.
  • Embedded technology: development in the C programming language of the dynamic LAN routing protocol RIPv2 optimised by Transpac (becoming Orange Business Services).

Jan 1996 - Mar 1996

Software development engineer

Development of the Vitale smart card project (health smart card)

  • Development of a programming language to code the unit tests (work in pairs).
  • Studies, specification and development of around 300 functional tests for three smart card readers (Monetel, Schlumberger et BULL CP8 Transac) (work in pairs).
  • Tests of the Bull CP8 Transac smart card reader.

Digital Equipment Corporation becoming Compaq and now HP

Dec 1995

Software development engineer

Ensuring timely application of an IT system for a customer of DEC

  • Application of a network monitoring platform over 650 remote sites.
  • Development of monitoring templates on Digital Unix in shell sending SNMP traps to the network monitoring platform.

Experdata-TRT-Philips becoming CS Telecom and now CS

Oct 1994 - Oct 1995

R and D engineer

Test and validation of network infrastructure equipment (BR 3000 and BR 3002 projects, LMX/MCX switches and Ethernet HUBs)

  • Development and testing of bridges/routers, HUBs and switches around LANs technologies (Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI) and WANs technologies (ATM PDH 34 Mbps, X.25, ISDN, CBDS/SMDS).
  • Development in the C programming language under Unix of tools to test benchmarks of the equipment throughput.

MG2 Technologies becoming NetCentrex and Comverse and finally Mavenir

Sep 1992 - Dec 1992

Internship as an R and D engineer

Development of software intended to build Minitel (equivalent to Prestel in UK) servers

  • Redo of the man-machine interface with Curses of a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software allowing designing Videotex (Teletext) pages.
  • Redo of the man-machine interface with Curses of a software allowing the display of Minitel pages sequence management under the MG2 Bus server under Unix.


April 1991 - May 1991

Internship as an analyst programmer

COBOL programming on mainframe

  • Development of management software in COBOL on mainframe for the SACD (Société des Auteurs Compositeurs Dramatiques), the SCPP (Société Civile des Producteurs de Phonogrammes), the ADAMI (ADministration des Droits des Artistes, Musiciens, Interprètes), the SPEDIDAM (Société de PErception et de DIstribution des Droits des Artistes Interprètes de la Musique et de la danse), the SPRE (Société Pour la Rémunération Équitable), the GREGIS (GRoupement d'Étude pour la Gestion Informatisée des Salles de spectacle).